I am Leon Feeters and i work as a designer for anything, i can design and program websites with the latest innovations like talking buttons and transparant objects and all that.. I programmed this website as well, everything in it i programmed myself also the features that are hi-tech like talking buttons and lights that are switched on by a mouseover.. I am a painter also, all that i do i master as the best, so i paint very well and i can make paintings the way you would like your painting to be, i can paint all and my speciality are 3D illusion paintings that have objects or characters in em that seem to float before the canvas.. I can paint portraits, i can paint everything i can imagine.. So if you like to buy a painting, or you want some design on paper or canvas that comes outa my mind by your instructions then i can make for you a design that is so damn nice, you begin to believe in God.. Im a singer/ songwriter as well, i wanna start a band and am still looking for bandmembers, maybe you like to join.. Im a writer, the book is still in Dutch but will be translated soon.. Ima inventor as well, on this page is a button for my inventions on it, click it and take a look at my idea's, those inventions of mine are still idea's, but if you can make work from em, by investing then were on the roll ready to earn some money.. So if you want a design, a painting or all that i can create, then email me on my email adress: babshoewab@live.nl and i will respond..