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Safety first, thats why i publish the idea before patenting it

Have you ever thought of marking the position of a hospital in town, or a policestation from far, or if your on a ship the shore but not only by a lighthouse.. Thats my new idea, noone ever done this, else it would have been used. This idea i could have got a patent for, but to help you and the world, i give you 77% of this idea and me 23%. Also can people that like to go in the woods and that get lost all alone, they must have a laser that beams a very clear and high powered lightbeam straight into sky by dark and choppers can see the one they are looking for. Also can these lasers be built in life rafts or resqueboats, so that also lost at sea be found by a powerful laserbeam, built in the resqueboat, then they get found faster. Also can people that go hiking in the woods take a few lasers with them, to point in the sky where they are, if they got lost..

Laser has a good use as a defenceweapon as well

Also can a laser blind a wild animal like escaped monkeys. In a zoo it can be a very of practible use... Beam them with multimple lasers mounted to a gun that shoots aiming with those lasers.. Shine on the eyes cuz it will make em 2 blind eyes for a while. The animal must see you before he attacks, always look back and aim the lasers. Maybe the animal gets blinded for ever, whata waste, but a lifesaver. Also wear a 360 degrees infrared scanner that scans all around you that has a heatsource that belongs to life, 37 degrees. That will make you even more safe.








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Help the world be more safe with my inventions..