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Erg grappig en leerzaam boek..

Dit boek verteld het verhaal van een levensgenieter met de naam Leon.. Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit, want hij is gelukkig in zijn bestaan. Helaas heeft hij maar geen geluk in het vinden van gepast werk, want hij wil graag enkel en alleen zittend werken, omdat hij dan niet zo moe wordt. Maar het noodlot slaat toe en Leon komt met de knie tussen de drukpers en dat deed zijn knieschijf ontwrichten, hij moet naar het ziekenhuis. Tijdens de operatie aan Leons knieschijf in het ziekenhuis verkorten de doktoren Leons been per ongeluk met maar liefst 5,3 centimeter. De doktoren besluiten dit niet aan Leon te vertellen, ze besluiten te zwijgen, hopend dat Leon het niet merkt. Leon merkt dit pas na 8 maanden, hij staat scheef en hij loopt scheef en dat moeten die doktoren zijn geweest, Leon zint op wraak... Klik op onderstaande knop om het te kopen.. Mijn vervolgverhaal op bovenstaand boek is in het Engels, maar is nog niet af en hierbeneden kan u alvast een stukje lezen.. De volgende knop geeft toegang tot de eerste 100 pagina's van mijn Nederlandse boek, klik maar en lees..


Rudolf Poeders
Het geniale brein
Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit. Maar zijn been wordt per ongeluk met 5 centimeter ingekort tijdens een operatie. De doktoren besluiten te zwijgen. Maar Leon komt erachter en Leon zint op wraak, hij loopt scheef en hij staat scheef..
€24,95 Paperback

Whats my book about


The spirits wrote my book

I am Leon and i wrote already a couple of books. This book is about the 10 evil doctors, the danger aint still over. They are enraged by the fact that Leon is still alive and they gonna settle the score with Leon, means they wanna make Leon suffer into death..

A book you never forget


Whats my book about, this book isnt like other books this is a slapstick-humor book of a very fine level that makes reading it a pleasure for anyone that reads this even the ones that never read before, so the humor in my book is real funny, everyone that read my book i heard they really enjoyed reading my book. Itsa real fun book they sayd. I am a writer as well and my athorsname is Rudolf Poeders.. Under here is a part of my latest book that i am still writing in English. Read below. A book you never forget  

We shall fly in a selfmade zepelin over the ocean, back to Europe. So they did but at day 3 of their journey doctor Hoepla burns acidently a hole in the balloon with his cigar, luckely it did not burn up in flames, but it was loosing alot of hydrogen gas. So they have to fix it and they did, but sadly the balloon is loosing height. The balloon was fixed, but it is loosing altitude, it has lost too much hydrogen gas, its gonna drop in the ocean and will sink if they dont act right, they throw everything overboard, furniture, the plates, the tools, the guns, the oven but then suddenly they stopped throwing things overboard, cuz they now needed to throw all water and food through the window, but that would be stupid.. "Whata we do now?", doctor Ribbels said. All doctors went very nervous, seconds sounded from the clock during this searching of a suitable sollution. But doctor Hakman started get scared, something is strange about doctor Hakman, something is wrong, he knew this, he felt it.. I got it doctor Poeders screamed, im sorry doctor Hakman to inform you my sollution to remain floating with this zeppelin, because the only sollution we have is to throw you out of the window.. And doctor Poeders had a evil grin on his face, he could laugh again, we have to throw doctor Hakman overboard, cuz he weighs more then 200 kilo. And everyone agreed into throwing doctor Hakman out the window and doctor Hakman started to yell: "What is this for kinda injustice?" What did i do to you, my friends even.. Dont you remember the time we were so drunk you all were asleep, drunk as ever and this time you accidently lit the house through a frying pan that you didnt cut the electricity from, dont you remember that? I saved your lives so i was your hero.. Doctor Poeders sayd: "May i pray for you that there arent any sharks in ocean below, cuz your about to go and swim your way to freedom, congratulations.." He just decided to throw doctor Hakman out the window, what a rat. He just is too fat doctor Poeders laughed.


Doctor Hoepla was crying and laughing at the same time, he thought it was funny to take this decision of throwing doctor Hakman outa da window.. Also was doctor Knipvink in tears while laughter.. Well doctor Poeders sayd: “He asks stupid questions, he is fat and smelly, liquid shit last week, all day long and i was seriously irritated by that doctor Hakman, i even needed to piss in my pants cuz it all took too long buster, how can you explain me that?? Reading the newspapers on our toilet while having to shit in our personal toilet.. That toilet is for us all doctor Hakman.. Dont you understand that?? He is just like that best choice we can choose, so...... throw him outa da window right freaking now.. he just is too much for us to live with, this meathead, this moron, this piece of liquid shit, this savage primitive hog, this crapdancer, lower then any weasel, like a rat, laughing at me in my face evenso sometimes, whata freaking guts he has and he looked at doctor Hakman that was still having a anxiety attack on the floor all shaking and foam on his mouth.. Tears came down his eyes and them eyes were wide open. His fatalic bad luck that will end in minutes, these people were no friends, all these doctors were egoistic, jealous, narcistic and evil psychopaths that all wore a rolex to show off to the normal people as they called the rest of worlds society. They think they are above anyone and anything and they all feel superiour to the rest of the people and thats why these doctors call them normal people All these narcistic doctors thought themselves to be geniuses.. Doctor Poeders sayd: "Give us your rolex, your golden necklace and your wallet, doctor Hakman." But before he could give that all, the rest ripped that off him, all his gold, his rolex, his money and even they took his crocodile boots..

Throw him out the window, now, doctor Poeders ordered. This brought the smile back onto doctor Poeders face and he sayd, bye bye pigmonster, we shall not miss you, by the way, you know what i said to you doctor Hakman, when you wanted to surprize your cousin with a facefart in the middle of the night while he was sleeping.. You bloody hell jumped with your fat ass right on my face for that silly facefart, although it was meant for your cousin.. I didnt realize yet what was going on, you just freaking jumped with your fat farty ass on my face, for a filthy fart for Christ sakes.. I remember that my first thoughts were still in my dream where i was counting goldbars and dollarbills, but suddenly this shitty smell made me aware of something else then money and gold, and suddenly i was awake. And what did my awareness detect? Do i feel 2 butcheeks squeezing my nosal area plus my lips this moment?? What the hell is this, this cant get worse cuz i get the impression that someone smelly with a fat farting sweating ass is sitting on my face, it couldnt get worse i thought but then the blasterfart erupted and i was even more delighted. You ever said to me that you have killed one man in the elevator cuz you like to fart kinda blasterfarts in small spaces cuz you think its funny, and one died and i hell can believe that story now as well, terrifying smell.. I started to see hallucinations from this poisonous farting gas, i seen the crapdancers from hell dancing around a fire while, big fat jellydancers around a freaky fire, damn, and the smell was awfull.. When i started grasping for air, you were laughing so hard, swallow my fart you yelled and laughed. And you were right, from airshortage i breathed in all them fumes, buster, so i even did swallow that fart by my big surprizing understandment as well, i was so excited.. The stinky fart was all inside me now, even in my forehead, between my eyes. The taste in my mouth was awfull, there was alot of gas going on there man, i shouldnt even mention what it is to taste liquid shit, but i know that now, buster. . You got off my face, and suddenly you see that you have jumped on me for a facefart, you started appologing. You needed to throw me a bucket of ice-water in the face to completely wake from a total-mindflush i had entered, one for demons and laughter, fat people dancing and ghosts scaring and the freaking smell was awfull, plus the crapdancers again.. For days i was brushing my teeth and i needed to wear a freaking neckbelt cuz of the neck of mine was bruced, i couldnt bend it anymore, but the doctor needed to give me morfine to kill the burning pains in my nose.. The doctor sent me to a psychiatric specialist professional as well, to process all the trauma of me being the victim of an unwanted facefart. The stink that i inhaled went through my nose till in my forhead where this nasty disgusting smelly-sensation gave me everlasting fears of being facefarted again by a retarted jellyman. You got off my face and i was grasping for air, you also called the ambulance for me, i couldnt sleep anymore, i still was in shock hyperventilating, no one ever done such thing to me, but you did.... and i just couldnt believe it and still i have a hard time realizing what had happened that night, evenso it was accidently, it was meant for your cousin. I still wake up having nightmares over that situation, then in my dreams im being chased by a bunch of fat people that wanna give me a facefart, i run and run, but they keep up, untill i stumble and fall and yes there we go again, just after one jumps with his ass on my face i wake up screaming. I lost my freaking wife thanks to those dreams, i felt weak and depressed, my wife and i were alot arguing and even fighting cuz of my bad temper created of being a victim from a facefart, i felt low, i felt laughed at, i felt the joke of the year, i felt misarabel from your facefart, buster.. And cuz of all that i lost my wife, she just had enough of me she said, all the fighting we get into cuz of your blindness to accept the fact that your a victim of any unwanted facefart, hell, grow up!! And she left.. So mister Hakman, thank you for ruining my life. Thats why i choose you, doctor Hakman to be thrown outa da window for not only getting rid of our headaches from your bullshit talking and of course for revenge, i told you back then that i would get you back and it wont be a fart in your face buster, all what you done to me and everyone around me makes it a honour for me to choose you as the one that we gonna escort out of the window. You may fight but we will grab you and lift you outa da window. You may choose, or you walk to the window and jump out or we break all your fingers and throw you outa da window.. You know, it is a pleasure to throw anyone like you out of a window. 


Dont you know that doctor Hoepla had an affair with your wife when you still was married to her, doctor Hakman suddenly said.. And a frozen facial expression of doctor Poeders suddenly appeared on his face.. His underlip was shivering like a baby wanting to cry, tears came to his eyes and he suddenly looked at doctor Hoepla and doctor Hoepla had a big red shining head, all his face was red like a lobster.. You freaking cockroach, did you have sex with my wife? You have a head red as the devils tail, how come your face is so red? Did you really have sex with my wife doctor Hoepla? Is that why you have a head that is red like a traffic sign? Are you a freaking traitor? Doctor Hoepla didnt know what to say but he sayd, no man ofcourse not, i dont even know your wife.. Well did you forget that we had 3 or 4 times a dinner with eatchother, your family and my family all together and my wife was certainly also present at those events, now i remember, that time that your foot was rubbing my foot under the table, i remember yes.. THAT WAS MEANT FOR MY WIFE HEY?? You freaking pervert, now i gonna kill you buster.. So i sense here that your lying doctor Hoepla, doctor Poeders yelled.. Why did you freaking lie to me, he screamed.. Well, im not lying he said, i might have all forgotten it, thats it, i just forgotten it, i have a bad memory you know.. And a wife like yours isnt even my type, doctor Hoepla said, and that was stupid cuz doctor Poeders is smart and can do talking like an upperclass lawyer, and he asked so you do know my wife you roasted lizzard and again doctor Hoepla had a head as red as a tomato and he said, well, yes i did see her once.. You fuckin traitor, you been humpin my wife behind my back and he was confused and with tears in his eyes he hissed with a sissy voice, now i gonna throw you overboard as well.. Doctor Poeders asked both unlucky doctors what their last wishes were.

I have written a book that is so good that you never forget it.. I am writing a sequel now and thats my 5th book.. The 4th book so was a giant book 530 pages and real sharp written.. The book is called Tenentypen means Toetyping in English. The book is still in Dutch but will be translated someday. When i stopped working for reasons and couldnt continue working anylonger i became also a writer with a whole new kinda style.. I use humor in my stories to be perfect as amusement. This book of mine is still only in Dutch but i go translate it to English and other languages.. The book is about Leon a drugaddict, when he doesnt have drugs then he must be at the dealer already. Leon is a lazy worker and only want sitting work cuz of his lazyness, the employment agencies know all about this and only give Leon sitting jobs. One day Leon worked in a factory and the factory explodes and Leon got injured, his knee was disabled. Leon was rushed to the hospital and got an operation to fix his knee. But after the operation Doctor Hoepla notices that Leons leg has become 5 inches shorter then before and the doctors knew they were in trouble by this mistake. They knew it was their fault but they decided not to tell Leon when he wakes and hope that he wont notice that his right leg is 5 inches shorter. But after 8 months Leon does notice his leg to be shorter, he also knows this is work from the doctors and Leon wanna take revenge for this, his hunger for blood now finally is cooking and he will hunt those doctors to give em a simular punishment for what Leon has gotten from the doctors.

This book is very hilarious, its full of real good humor, English humor and the story itself has many things that you need to know about psychopaths, peoples behaviour, the sollution for the worldeconomy, misunderstandings in psychiatry, all true facts that one can use for lateron in life..  


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