My good ideas are evenso for you to have and after have earned back all costs that were needed to start up the bussiness, then allow me 23% of the profit.. Im an inventor, i have great ideas. I help you with a profit of 77% of the total profit. Why didnt i take the patents for my ideas is that ima believer in God and i think saving human lives comes before the making of money. My inventions and good ideas help mankind alot. And because i need to act quickly in order to save lives did i choose for instant publication, surely 6 to 12 months before the actual getting of the patents, so thats why i published em quickly. If you think, i can do the same, then do that, if you have ideas then do as i did, publish em and try find an investor for 77% of the profit. Saving human lives comes before the lust for money, thats why i published my ideas first, but i do hope, if your honoust, then give me 23% of the profit. Thanks to me you have the good ideas and alot of profit an endless stream of money. That luck you didnt have if i took the patents first, then i would have had 100% of the profit, but i surely would have lost time and because of my honousty i can look myself in the eyes, i proven not to be a man that has lust for money and no care for saving lives, also God will respect me more, also the people that i might have saved.. Click button below to enter the good ideas page..

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