The solution for the greenhouse effect


The idea to fight back to the greenhouse-effect, the global warming is to produce rain.. The rain shall grow plants and trees more quickly so that the carbondioxide (CO2) will be transformed into oxygen by plants and trees breathing in CO2 and turning it into oxygen (O2).. Also the rain that will fall is colder, cuz it comes from high in the clouds, there its more cold, so shall cold rain drop on the earth more by my idea.. My idea is to drill holes in the earths crust, maybe near vulcanos, but deep enough to reach the molten core of the earth. The drilling must continue untill the temperature deep in it rises above 100 degrees. But dig it deeper so the temperature at its bottem is much higher then 100 degrees. Then make a river flow into it, the water will start boiling and watervapour shall rise into the clouds making rain.. If it works then itsa rainmaker idea and maybe countries with very little rain can produce more rain with this idea.. Also these holes of kilometers deep can be used as trash bins, and we can put all our trash in..

Also could deep holes in earth provide energy


Deep holes in the earth that donnot go in the lava, but far above where the ground is still hard and cooled off mostly, there it can be maybe 500 degrees, more or less, these temperatures could provide energy for ever to run. Endlessly green energy..

How thick is the earthscrust?


I think the answer to that is hard to tell, it cannot be measured well enough i think, they dont know how deep sonar or seismic waves go into the ground for measurement. They say 30 kilometers. I think sucha 30 kilometers deep holes in and around a desert can bring back plants and trees. Africa needs more rain and with more rain that continent will become very good for agriculture, all there needs is rain, the sun they already have, rain plus sun is what plants and trees need.

Drilling the first hole in a testlake

they can test it in a small lake.. then if starts boiling then they see it works, the whole lake will be vaporized.. Or can start in ground around a vulcano, maybe the hole shouldnt be so deep then because the warm ground is closer cuz of the vulcano. So there maybe undeep holes can be filled with seawater, lakewater or riverwater..

Also when the planet is heating up then understand that cooling down best is because a too hot planet is bringing more danger then a colder planet.. Plants and trees grow faster on a colder planet cuz of the rain that increases by the hole in the ground..

Creathing oxygen!!

When plants and trees start growing extra, cuz of the extra rain this greenhouse-idea brings, the rainmaker holes that vapourize water deep inside, those will make plants grow faster and more plants in the world shall make more oxygen for humans to breath, maybe we can grow older then, the future generations can have big benefits from those rainmaker holes in the ground, everywhere around the world.. So these holes will produce extra oxygen, the more rain, the more plants and then the more oxygen, so let it rain, its a superplan..

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