Womens breasts


When womens breasts dont have a perfect shape, then the breasts hang more and have no perfect round shape, then train the upper breast muscles with exact training therefor, then the upper part of the breasts gets more grip and pulls up the breast cuz the skin gets stronger, thicker and younger again, more elastic again, cuz training makes younger for everyone. Howto train the upper breast muscles in the chest? There are many options, the fitnessgym has many fitnessmachines. Also anykinda running is good for the skin and pulls breasts also to a perfect shape.

Swim on your back to not drown


When i was a kid we went to Italy and there it was so nice, sea beach and all.. My father had again a brilliant idea is to swim to the island in the distance, its not that far he sayd to my uncle, so they both wanted swim to that island and they left swimming to the island. Then 4 hours later they came back, all sweat, red face outa breath, coughing and puking cuz they were so damn tired they sayd cuz it was too far, they almost drowned.. Well i learned my lesson back then is to never go try swim to a island in the distance, but i forgot and years later i wanted to swim to the other side of a lake, my grandpa once did cuz he wanted show us something that we didnt have and that was courage, as a born swimmer, almost a fish he made it to the other side of the lake and i was damn impressed. So years later i wanted to do the same and halfway i almost started drowning cuz i was all damn tired and i saved my life with this, i started swimming further on my back and then the mouth is aimed up and only with little legs movenment you keep floating and like that you cant get tired that quick and thats how i rested and that saved my life, so when your real tired in water, go swim on your back cuz legs dont go tired that fast and you can breath real much better then swimming on your belly, you can swim for hours on your back..

Dont give any disease the chance to lay their first brick.


Take cancer as an example. If you remain fit by sporting then cancer has a real bad fundament to lay its first brick or bricks on. So there is no fundament that is optimal for cancer to start building itself, beginning with the first brick and bricks. A healthy body will give cancer the least chance to begin building itself, starting with the first brick. So all you have to do is sport and take away all chances for cancer to start inside you with a first brick and then slowly cancer starts building itself. Its a kinda meatplant, i have written that earlier somewhere on my website, why cancer a kinda meatplant must be.. But as any meatform growing is that there must start a begin and that i call a brick, also must the circumstances be optimal for the cancer to begin, the better the fundament for cancer (old 'dusty' dirty (grease, drugs, smoking, medicine, but not alcohol cuz thats a liquid) places inside your body) the better cancer can start and grow.

From bread, fruit and raw vegetables you dont grow fat, from meat you do grow fat..


Like the title says from meat you grow fat.. Fruit dont grow fat, bread also and strange is, i dont know for sure, but i can feel it. Best is always to eat healthy, fruit and bread, if you eat that daily then you have the most healty meal of all. Makes you grow older, gives most strength. Builds stronger humans, makes fitter and faster. If i dont am locked in psychiatry, when i may go outside, i always buy 3 packs of all kinda fruit and bread, thats what i eat in a day. Juicy fruit is also good for humans, cuz proven is by science that we 70% water, well, mostly we are liquid thats true, blood and all.. All kinda fruits must be all different in what it causes in a body. It causes only good things, but i think a juicy grape has other function then an apple. Which fruit where good for is i cannot find out, that takes years of testing and i have no need for. I therefor eat all kinda fruit, everything..

What can you do best. To increase your health, for smokers that is bycicling..


Your condition or strength or endurance is your health. Better therefor to sport. When smoking your lungs are being poluted by smoke, there is no damage i think, only the smoke causes polution in the lungs.. This can be washed out by natural processes of the body creating slime in lungs that solve the poluted parts of the lungs. If you smoked a long time and your lungs get not enough air anymore then listen good, if you start fast byciciling, short parts drive fast untill your tired then slow down and rest, untill you rested enough and then again drive fast untill your tired.. This sporting kinda activity of driving bycicle fast causes the lungs to open, you can save your lungs with bycicling fast and still be a smoker.

Eat raw vegetables


Raw vegetables are better cuz the vitamines are not cooked out. Some taste better if you havent cooked it like paprika. The moist that is in the vegetables is also important. Humans are 70% moist, thats why moisty fruit is also just normal food. The moist is important for humans cuz we are 70% moist and thats why you never should cook or bake the moist out of the vegetables.


Open your veins


Open your veins as well by the fast bycicling.. Im a speed user by occasions and i think speed widens the veins. From speed you become smarter and stronger and that might has to do with opening the veins. Opening the veins in the brain may cause the brain to function better, cuz there is been brought more oxygen by the blood cuz the veins are more open. Opening the veins by bycicling fast, in the brain, organs and skin causes the same effect, wider veins, so more oxygen everywhere. Open veins are important. Make em wide.What i noticed at bycicle professionals that reached old age is that they have few wrinkles in face, they have young faces. Thats what bycicling does, it opens em small veins in face as well. Bycicling will open veins more then running, cuz the pressure on your body and legs is bigger then when running, it shall open veins more while when running.



Keep death on a distance


If you think from drugsusing and alcohol and smoking that you reduce your age, you can grow less old cuz of that isnt true.. Smoking is most harmfull, but if you keep on sporting and you keep fit, then you keep death on a distance, cuz healthy bodies dont get sick.. When you stop smoking then start sporting to clean up your lungs.. Smoking causes polution in the lungs, the more you smoke, the more poluted your lungs become.. Quit in time so the lungs can clean it all up again, the smoke inside lungs doesnt damage i think, its only very small dust that needs to be solved by slime and coughed out, i think then catching a cold is good for cleaning lungs, cuz much slime then is produced.. Smoke that got stuck in the lungs will come out, lungs will recover and keep on sporting cuz you need to stay strong to keep death on a distance.. And if death is on a distance then it cannot strike.. A healthy body dont get sick. Your endurance is your health, keep on bycicling, running, football, boxing and all every day and death will stay on a distance, so it cant come closer..


Eat fruit


Fruit is healthy, we all know this. In fact, fruit is designed as food, cuz it has a taste to it and a taste is to taste so its meant as food. For example also a banana is designed as food, so it has things in it, that must be good for the body, to grow and to heal, to remain healthty as well and surely must have all right ingredients. Fruit is mostly moisty, just like vegetables, this means that moisty food is the better food. Our body as well is for 70% moist. Also the moist of the fruit goes deepest in your body. Nature dont know that we cook vegetables, is that right, cuz it takes out all nutrient moist. The moist is the thing in vegetables and fruit that is most in, this means moist is the most important part of fruit and vegetables.


Dont eat every day


Dont eat every day of the week, or dont eat one day per month, else you can get stuffed up inside, that can cause dangers so you get health problems.. Dont eat too much and always eat only when your hungry!! When your stomach asks for food, the hungerfeeling is the stomach asking for food.


Only eat when your stomach asks for food


Only eat when hungry, when your stomach asks for food, the hungerfeeling in the stomach is the stomach asking for food.. Then sometimes the stomach asks for something with fat in or natural grease like in buttercookies then eat that, sometimes the stomach asks for different food, eat what your stomach asks i think. If you eaten spinach yesterday then the stomach wont ask it this day, it needs something else, so eat what it desires.


Drink Water.. .


Drink water alot, make it circle through your body and sweat it out again and so the water that you drunk has done a complete circulation.. Before there was cola and orange lemonade, there was only milk, fruitjuice and water. Before milk there was only fruitjuice and water. Water is far the best liquid. It goes another way through the body and i think thats why drinking salt water is so bad. If you drink much water in short time then the brain will swell and you can die from and that is the proof that water goes a strange way, almost directly to the brain. The fact that we can sweat must let us understand that we must sweat, to circulate the water through our body. Thats how the skin remains young cuz the water and moist also remain in the skin, all water that just isnt sweat out remains in the skin keeping the skin young and hydrated. So sporting and drinking water are vital to a young skin. And drink water pure, not mixed in a syrup for example cuz then the water has less power in it, drink it pure, before you wanna drink syrup or lemonade orso, one glass pure water before drinking something else and drink enough water per day. Water is a healing and cleaning means of the human body.. Science says that we are 70% water and also, before life began on earth there were only oceans and rocks. From what life can start best is from the water and therefor water is very important to drink enough.. So life came out of water and therefor life has been fixed for a large part from water and thats why water is so healthy

Water is also needed in liver and kidneys, both fill emselves with water when they have done their taskings and those are clearing the blood from all poison in it.. The liver and kidneys clean the blood and take out poisons that are in the blood and break those poisons down.. The kidneys fill emselves with water if they have have done their tasking, the liver as well, this means probably that water also is been used by liver and kidneys for threir taskings, thats why i think liver or kidney patients in a hospital have much benefit from drinking healthy water, but dont drink too much water else the brain swells and you can die from..


Bread is healthy.. .


Bread is very good foodsource. Dont believe science, rather believe the church on food.. Bread is given in the church saying its the body of christ.. Wine is given as well, i think both have very good impact on the body. Bread as building bricks and wine maybe as a cleaner from the veins. But that the church uses these 2, bread and wine, thats something remarkeble and should be seen as no coincidence.

Dont believe all science!! .


Dont believe all that science says.. If they talk about vitamine B12 then they really dunno what they talking about. They cant draw one, they cant follow that one into the body and they cant measure where it really good for is.. Look im believer that God has put messages in the languages, the word degelijk in Dutch exist and degelijk has the word deeg in, There are few kinda dough (deeg) corn and grain.. Degelijk.. deeg.. dough.. Anything that has dough in it is good food.. Twice per day we eat bread, thats 67% of all food that one eats a day.. So it is the fact that grain or cornbread made one grow for 67% the other 33% one grown from warm meals.. Dough and bread is important and rich food rich from bricks that realy made everyone grow for 67%..

Running is good for the spine or backbone.


If you ever hurted your backbone or its rusty and stiff, then start running.. Best is with a ball on a football field, run towards goal and kick the ball in goal, then the other goal, run to it and kick the ball again.. This kinda running is far more resistable, cuz its more fun and the running after a ball makes you run faster then jogging, sometimes you need jump or run fast to kick the ball better and cuz of these changing running modes, fast slow, jumping, keeping ball in the air, all that effort makes the backbone more flexible and young and it might take pain away cuz after alot of running then might be so that your backbone has recovered..

Fruit and vegetables are designed as food.


Fruit has a taste, means its meant as food, then it must be also designed as food, therefor a piece of fruit will give you all its elements that are needed for the body..

Heavy work is better then officework, or paperwork.


If you wanna remain most healthy then choose heavy work instead of office and paperwork.. Heavywork builds you strong and always make it as heavy as possible, carry instead of 1 crate 3 crates at once, or do as fast as possible, make it as heavy as possible.. A mop for example, if you do that mopping fast swing it left and right, then you get tired fast, do that every day..

The reason that we can sweat must mean, do that as much as possible.


Sweating keeps moist in skin, so it longer looks young.. Drink water, make the water go in circels in your body, you drink it and you sweat it out, this is a healthy process, its a circle, drink it then sweat it.. You probably also sweat poisons out your body.. Drinking too much water will result in swelling up brain, i heard once that a person died by drinking too much water.. Also the water you drink goes through the organs, through the brain, through the skull and then outa da skin on forehead..

Running does quickly loose weight.


Running is i think the best way to loose weight.. Run each time till your tired, then rest and run again, thats the spirit, if you do this all day long, till your legs are tired and you been sweating alot, then sleep over and the result you see day after already, weightloss by running can go so quick.

Alcohol might solve greasy substances in blood.


Greasy substances in blood, we all had eaten the wrong food since our birth, meat and gravy.. Hear that word, gravy, as if its your ticket to your wooden coffin.. But gravy and greasy meat, both are the opposite in polarity against water and waterbased food.. We humans are built from water, we are for 70% water, all life evolved from the oceans, there the first life started, or you can say, God exists thats true, but alot of fools dont see that God exist, what do they believe then, that its normal all in life, have they ever found answers concerning reality? I bet not and thats why they say, God dont exist. Well gravy and greasy meat has a opposite polarity, i shall explain.. polar substances as water can let solve things in with the same polarity, but when you try to solve something with the opposite polarity called non-polar substances like oil or gasolin then it doesnt solve.. Try this, put water in a glass and try solve oil in.. That cannot, the oil floats on top of the water.

Our waterbased body functions well on water, water we need to drink each day, if we dont drink water 2 days then we die. But water is polar and greasy meat and greasy gravy are non-polar and dont solve in water, while our body mainly functions on water and waterbased food. How can we get the non-polar substances out our body, our veins if it dont solve in water? Then the answer is, we can get all that waste and garbage out our body with alcohol, cuz alcohol is a non-polar substance that does solve greasy meatparts and gravy.. Thats why the church i think gives wine as the blood of christ, this alcohol has a use in it reveals this coincidence of wines connection to the church. I think alcohol is a cleaner of the veins..

You can even make another step, and thats all based on my theories is an strong acid like speed also does clean the veins, its an acid and it cleans the walls of the veins, there the gravy goes sticky and too much gravy in the heart-veins so that the heart-veins almost closed by the gravy, then you can die, but alcohol and maybe even also speed makes the veins open and clean. I heard once one say about speed, he uses it 30 years, sniffing it, but through the nose it will after 30 years burn a hole in the heart, but his doctor did say all his veins were clean and open, no errors in those, so 30 years of speed and clean veins, that makes my theory stand little stronger.. If you wanna take speed, then eat it wrapped in a sigarette paper, cuz the stomach has very much more defence against the poisons in speed and your heart will not get burned a hole in.. The stomach is built for filtering poisons out the food you take and the speed you take, plus speed is an acid and stomach has also acid in, an even stronger acid, so it is almost harmless, this tiny bit of speed in the stomach..


Also, for a better health choose heavy work. heavy work is far better then office work.. Stronger, fitter, lives longer..




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