To make a worldeconomy with rules that rolls most effective then we need to agree to a few rules.. The current economy must be set to a few rules and with those rules the entire worldeconomy will get rich instantly, every one will be rich, even the poorest people in the world, they will be rich like western people..

Economics can be optimalized by simple rules to it. Like in traffic rules to it make it work better and without accidents.. My economy equalism is a bit communistic and a bit Kapitalistic but its named Equalism as an economytype.. What is Equalism and what are those rules to roll the current economy by? Lemme tell you..

First must all nations in this world come together and join to become one country together in one world, as one big family, one humanity in one world.. Forget about countrypolitics and forget about borders and nations, all world must come together as one nation globally..

The next step is that one leader should be chosen to rule the world..

Next step is one currency, one coin must be pressed and become the international coin.. We have to make the rule that that one currency is worthy and tradeable for gold..See with agreements over to give this new currency value is done enough an agreement worldwide can bring worth or value to something and in this case the new currency.. See agreements are powerful cuz if the whole world suddenly decides to make gold worthy as nothing by taking its vallue by agreement then gold is worth nothing anymore cuz its agreed worldwide and thats how the whole world can agree that the new currency has vallue to it and they can settle just the right vallue to this new currency for example 10 Sjilling (If the new currency is called Sjilling) is worth one case of beer, then 10 Sjilling is worth a case of beer or a kilo of sugar etc...

Then the prices and wages must be fixed and 'forever frozen' and should be set to acceptable levels, so that a doctor earns a bit more then a factory worker, but all people have good enough wages so they can buy enough from their money.. Why the prices and wages must be fixed and set eternally to a specific level i will tell later..

The world country, the worldstate lets say must become infinite rich and that is possible just make a money press and print the money with it but with that money press in control the gouvernment can print as much money as they like and that means they infinite rich, they can press as much money as they need. But inflation will rise if the worldstate starts printing money, many shops and all will raise their prices if the gouvernment starts printing money and thats why the prices and wages are set to an eternally same level.. Now the state can press as much money as they need cuz noone can raise their prices and the money that is pressed stays valuable..

The next rule to set is to ellect so called statemillionaires that are payed by the state to make their companies be build everywhere around the world.. The state millionaires may never make people rich, cuz if they do that then the workers stop working.. The working people must remain so the state millionaires may not donate to workers.. These few, maybe 30.000 state millionaires have all kinda companies enough companies to fill every markets with, all the existing products and services these millionaires own.. Now is the state paying the millionaires alot of money to build their countries in the 3rd world and everywhere around the world as fast as possible so there will be everywhere work.. If the millionaires finally put their companies worldwide, then there is work everywhere and if that is done the first year then there is work everywhere and from then the economy is rolling without the state paying the millionaires anymore cuz they finally settled everywhere around the world so every where is work..

The worldstate is in possesion of the state millionaires and these millionaires are in possession of every possible raw materials and industries and products that they own..

Everyone in the world can have social welfare at western level, so if one cannot work then the state pays him or her monthly a nice amount of money.. The worldstate can pay the millionaires to develop the 3rd world and build there houses, hospitals, schools, infrastructure etc..


The SuperEconomy has done its miracle.. Start now and within 10 years is everyone rich in this world..

Improve this world with brandnew idea's that can develop real fast in every nation and can get the poorest countries equal wealth as Western people within a few years if the whole world accepts this as their duty, not only to develop the world better.. Both countries have benefits to this. 
Western countries can ask a poor country to allow them to live in a part of a guestland in the western society and they give as well a part of their land evenso big as the part of their country that they share. This means that the people from the specific western country can live in a warmer land with a better climate and a cheaper economy but the ones from the poorer country can go live in the western country to have a better life as well, plus to develop their wellbeing among the planet by giving the example to other countries so the afairs between countries grow and people get happier in the end, these people we can trust and this counts for everyone among the world, tell me honoustly do you have problems with the people from a certain country or a sertain relegion and why is that can you explain this? See yes like you are one of the good people that just isnt in war with noone you cannot understand war, why do politicians take these kinda measurements it isnt needed cuz noone in this world is at war with the neighbouring country.. Then building eatchothers country by sharing peace of land in our nation with a nation that can use economic help so there will come people over to your country that wanna help start building houses for these poor people, modern houses and within 10 years this country is westernlike, rich and happier if all this is aranged.. Both countries will develop faster and the world is a step closer to the final goal is to reach a world without borders so everyone on the world is equally rich and everyone in the world have a modern countryside..


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