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My invention of supergloves works perfect

Freezing temperatures and icy rains and hail and snow blizzards all been past sense, cuz a new kinda gloves and winterclothes are about to step into reality. These are simple clothes, wool kinda then a layer of plastic that doesnt let wind through. Strange enough the one milimeters of plastic thats before the wool or kinda is one milimeter, even smaller, but it isolates heat so good, cold cant go through as well and as a miracle i tested this plastic material on my hands, 2 breadbags i putted over my hands and lower arms and the cold didnt reach my fingers, even icy rain on the plastic doesnt go through your hands and fingers anymore..

Your hands evem go sweating in the cold bag, i tested with -3Celcius and i really had sweating hands from the heat that was in the gloves, thats what i mean.. Supergloves, superwinterclothes, supershoes, super tents, super clothes for surviving even weather on the northpole, i didnt check that yet but i have enough knowledge to guess that you can just walk over the northpole in the plastic clothes and still be sweating from the heat inside the clothes. The body is a heat-generator, it produces heat, 37Celcius, and that heat is enough to keep the body warm, i think one can even sleep on snow..

Now i only need people that wanna design these clothes better and make em sell, we shall together try and reach the market for this new product. Maybe banks can jump in, are you a good talker and you wanna try arange funding then go talk to a bank and ask this for funding so we can fix a first suply of supergood winterclothes that keep the cold even better outside cuz not one glove or piece of cloth guards the warmth of your skin in the plastic invention of mine, i see the difference between a cheap breadbag and a 200 dollar pair of gloves, the breadbag wins, cuz the leather gloves let pass wind through, even moist and it doesnt isolate as good as the bag. If you wanna join me then click the email button and write me an email on


Wanna join me?

I am Leon Feeters also known as Freddy Mexicano and as Rudolf Poeders and as Fernandez Valentine.. Help me produce and build up a suply of easy to make plastic clothes with all the needs that it needs.. There needs be in a small tubed hole, you can puff all sweaty air out and make it breath fresh air from outside the plastic clothes, then close the lid of the tube or the hole.. Snowshoes under it and you can walk over the north and southpole.. Maybe you can even sleep with a plastic suit outside cuz those get sweaty hot, i must try it first to know it 100% but also without that test yet can i guarantee that the plastic makes the skin sweat and even in cold freezing weather the plastic keeps the cold out so enormous and keeps the heat in, while our skin is warming the air in the clothes, that warm air keeps in as well.. The best gloves i think are the bags like gloves, cuz the 5 finger gloves have a colder infrastructure i think, also you can type on your phone as well, also when your hands are inside the plastic bags, so itsa supercomfort these gloves..

Wanna help me make these kinda superwinterclothes, then email me on