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My inventions, why did i publish em out loud?


My inventions i publish through my website.. Click above button to enter my inventionspage.. These are brilliant ideas that can bring in some real big ammounts of money.. I publish my inventions on my website cuz buying a patent for em takes so much time, cuz i dont have still the money. Now i published those on my website cuz the inventions of mine contribute to a safer civilization and therefor i can save humanlives and then i chosen the correct choice is to publish my inventions hoping one shall join me and help me realize my inventions. I can save many humanlives with my inventions so my interest for earning easy money and reaching a millionaire is beneath the interest of the safety of society and saving human lives with. I could have become a millionaire easy if i had waited some time to get the patents, but then weeks or months or years would be lost and all that time would have endangered people cuz of me keeping my inventions secret and people even could have lost their lives while if i had published my inventions then their lives would have been saved. That made me feel like a cold killer if i had chosen for my own interests so i chosen for the interests of peoples safety. Thanks to me i have given you brilliant and worthy, valluable ideas, you can go rich now, but there is only one thing, i given you 50% of the invention, the other 50% go to me if your descent..


Years ago i started for myself as a inventor


The day that i stopped working was the day that i started my own bussiness as an inventor.. I wanted to use all time to think about everything.. After years i started to get good idea's but all idea's were already existing, untill now, i found many brilliant ideas that are my inventions. Who wanna help me realize those?



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