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My inventions

What kinda inventions

My inventions are all easy to produce with these days technology.. A few of my inventions increase safety of others and that is why i chosen not to get any patent for my inventions, but for publication on my website and on facebook so any patent request will be invalid cuz of the fact that the invention is already published on the internet. I did publish it for the reason i can save peoples lives with my inventions and that interest is way more important then money. Understand if i would had taken a patent then i would have 100% of the profit, but human lives count more to me then money. All time i saved by publishing this idea instantly i can have resqued many people. Then what i try to reach with my publicity is that people instantly have access to my ideas, they read it and see the benefits of my inventions and wanna earn some easy money, then they can choose to join me for 50% of the profit but only if you can realize this invention quickly. Thanks to me this idea came in your mind and that means that you are lucky thanks to my choice to publish the ideas would those ideas been found by others? I dunno ima inventor now already many years and i think getting this idea is hard to find, you must see the benefit of the idea to reckognize the idea and see its a good idea. Then if others would have found it, would the idea still go to you? Do you still think there wouldnt be requested a patent first before publication? The chance that it would come to you is very small.. You are just lucky that you got the idea from me, many people know this already, so if you gonna realize the ideas of mine then give me 50% of the profit, while i give you 50% for free, isnt that worth thanking me and grant me the other 50% of the profit?


I can show every benefit and the handy use of my inventions and can explain the benefits of all my inventions so people will understand what the use of my inventions is and they will see that buying my products (my inventions) will add extra possibilities that can be very useful, you will understand if i show a few of my inventions. If you wanna join me into realizing these inventions then email me and if you wanna help me to realize my inventions then i give you 50% or 77% of the profit for the invention that we gonna take in production... Email me:


One of ,my best inventions is the schrimp.. The schrimp you can see if you click the button below. Its a far safer plane then the current normal planes. It increases safety and that will sell em above normal current planes. People will choose these planes over the normal current planes cuz those feel safer and making em not risk their lives for the same price.. Click button below to see it..



Why hasnt any car 2 brakes?

When your driving and not paying attention on the road while your too buzy talking to the other one in the front seat then 2 brakes can come in handy, cuz when the car needs to make a brake for avoiding a fatal crash and the driver isnt watching, then the passengerdriver can avoid the danger by a step on the brakes of his or hers. So left and right side in car, 2 brakes is safer. Double atention on the road.. Any drivingschool has a car with 2 brakes in the Netherlands cuz the drivers that starting get lessons in driving have no expierience in driving, cuz young as they are they never drove before and cuz of lack of drivingskill a second brake gives more safety, if that works, then why dont all cars have 2 brakes?? It increases only all safety in traffic by 200%, it doubles all safety so will be 50% less accidents..


An aircraft that never crashes


This invention is made of circles. Around one circle go exactly 6 evensobig circles. Thats a number of 7 circles and in these circles shall be mounted 7 rotors, each circle one. Then you built a platform of 7 circles. These platforms of 7 circles can be mounted above eatchother, you can mount 2 together, then you have 14 circles and 14 rotors, you can mount 3 above eatchother, then you have 21 circles and 21 rotors and you can mount 4 above eatchother and then you have 28 circles and 28 rotors.

Then this one with 28 rotors is the safest. It lifts its weight with 28 rotors that all are powered by an independant engine. From those 28 rotors and 28 engines can for instance 10 stop spinning (by malfunction) but 18 rotors are then still spinning and with those 18 rotors the airship can lift itself, so 18 rotors is needed to carry a airship with 28 rotors. Then you come to the core of my invention, my inovation and that is to keep always a number of rotors too much so that many can stop spinning by malfunction, but the rotors that still work can still carry the airship. To always have extra rotors brings more safety in flight, thats the new main thing which is my idea, to use more extra rotors then really are needed so in time of malfunction the reserve rotors start spinning and the ship still be flying.

If there is malfunction in mid-air, then the extra rotors can be started, but always follow the protocol to land immidiatly if malfunction of 1 or several rotors. Always land also if only 1 rotor has failed by malfunction. That also will reduce alot of risk in flight, because the airship is a kinda helicopter and it can land anywhere, even on sea if its everywhere waterproof. Then once landed they fix the broken rotors and fly on if all are fixed.

Maybe for instance 14 rotors may fail, but then 14 others still keep the airship in the air. If then one more rotor fails then that one could be the one that makes the number of still spinning rotors not enough to keep it in mid-air, no, because there are many rotors used then there are still many spinning, those might not be able anymore to carry the airship but it still wont crash, no, it will gently fall down.

But a computer shall fly this thing, humans make mistakes and a computer does not.. It keeps the aircraft at a safe altitude and when low on fuel it lands automaticly.

What about the hydrogen or airballoons behind the aircraft? Lemme explain.. The machine that pulls the serie of  balloons is kinda a locomotive that pulls wagoons through air.. One of the balloons could be a cabin for a few people or bigger maybe huge to carry many The red aircraft could be remote controlled  and have not one human  aboard, remote controlled  from one of the balloons where also the passengers are  . So it can be big or small, the main idea is that it is safe, the red locomotive has 28 rotors, 4 in each circle and its if one rotor stops spinning by failure then another is activated so the locomotive wont crash easy. If by great failure the locomotive crashes then the pilots can  remote unbuckle the balloons and the balloons with all passengers in will remain floating or will fall gently down, the balloon can be filled with air but if that is much air in a big balloon then it falls softly. The rest of the balloons  can carry the fuel of the locomotive The main idea is to maintain safety in flight. Using 28 rotors is safer that  is one of my ideas that is worth realizing The other new thing is that the  whole craft, the locomotive and the balloons can land on water cuz all is waterproof.

Another aircraft that never crashes



This airship has the same invention in as the one before. That invention is to use many rotors so if a few fail then the others can be started and the airship wont crash. Above in the painting you see small rotors, but those have evenso big liftingpower as a bigger one, cuz it can spin faster. If the blue, pink and black circle with an increasing number of rotors untill the black outer ring, if that whole number of rotors is not enough then build another ring around.

2 inventions for safe airtravel.. One uncrasheble kinda locomotive that pulls a giant balloon filled with air only with passengers in in the distance you see it.. Another balloon could be added as kinda a waggoon of the locomotive, so the locomotive pulls 2 waggoons, the locomotive hasnt people onboard but is remotely controlled from one of the balloons, if the locomotive stops all engines by error and its about to crash then the balloons unbuckle by one click on a button and the locomotive crashes while all passnegrs and pilots remain safe in the balloons filled with air only, that one or 2 balloons will fall slowly to earth by their size and by their low weight, the impact on the ground will be unlethal, noone dies and understand that anything in the balloon is from inflatable strong plastic, no hard pieces of wood or metal in just soft plastic stuff and the instruments of the locomotive the remote control of it is as big as an ipad and wont hurt anyone during a crash..

And my next invention.. The best invention in time was the wheel but the second must be the rotor cuz it goes round like the wheel as well, but its 2 or 4 wings that spin round never take 3 in a rotor..

My invention and its easy to make, it can be made from wood only the engines in must be from lightweight aluminium or titanium and the wood can be lightweight, there exists also lightweight wood, balsa wood.. What i thought of is that choppers dont really need big engines, just spinning blades, starting slow and speed it up as fast as possible, this can be done by very light engines that are very simple, you can control the speed of spinning, lower and faster and thats it.. Then hang all craft full with one or 2 rotors in a tube above eatchother and one lightweight simple engine that rotates both rotors.. Make sure the aircraft has 160 rotors and 80 lightweight (or 40 or 20 whats best or 10) engines.. See this is the root of my idea the root of my idea is, use 2 rotors or engines instead of one, if one stops by error then the other can be started and noone gets hurt.. But my plan is to fix an airship with 100 rotors and many motors so many can fail by error but the rest of the rotors keep spinning and the aircraft dont crash.. It can land and take off from the ocean as well, for refueling as well so there is need for floating gasstations when this invention will be flying..

This machine of mine has rotors that only lift the ship from the ground, those wont turn or bend but they are in a fixed permanent location and wont bend or turn, then it works like this, the thing only needs lift, thats all, one cant steer the rotors, so the throttle only can be adjusted for each rotor, then start like this.. Start the first 4 then full throttle, then the 5th rotor full throtlle then the 6th till you started enough of em and the aircraft starts to rise then climb to good enough height and start the jetengines that must be mounted aside the the craft 2 of em, left and right (the picture dont show those) for making speed towards destination and the 2 jetengines can make this airship as fast as a normal plane and it can travel distances as far as a normal plane.. Those 2 jetengines will fly this craft to its destination..

It can be big for 400 persons, or small for 4 persons orso.. Its thick cuz the rotors need a shaft or hollow tube to create effect up and down the rotor.. From above air gets sucked in and from beneath air is pressed down.. A real chopper would create more lift i think if the rotor was in a hollow tube, more like a turbine.. A normal rotor from a chopper doesnt create sucktion from above, only air is pressed downwards, so my idea for using hollow tubes or turbines could be very handy cuz not only air is pressed down also the aircraft sucks itself in the sky as well..

Then there are the jetengines for use incase all rotors stop.. Those 4 or 8 tiny jetengines are aimed at the ground and when all rotors stop then those are started by computer automaticly or those can be activated by human control, those 4 or 8 jetengines keep the aircraft in the air, but also can make it land it gently, then the craft can still land safe instead of crash.. Also there are alot of engines on the rotors the more engines the safer, cuz if one engine stops the others keep them rotors spinning..

The egg-shaped ball is an thin plastic inflated kinda cockpit and passengers cabine.. Its very light and is filled with air.. If something happens to the aircraft then the ball gets launched above and then this ball falls gently down to earth the smart part of this kinda cabine is everything is from soft plastic, no metal in, cannot break bones and get stabbed by the leg of a chair orso when crashland, no it just bounces on the ground and the shock will be absorbed by the inflated ball.. Also, the only thing the pilots in that cabine have to fly the craft is an ipad on which are the controls of the airship.. If the airship has an error and is crashing and the egg-shaped passenger cabine isnt released, then the ship will hit the earth with speed forward or just vertically then the bottom of the balloon will hit the earth and make the whole egg pop outa its place in the metal frame of the airship and still all passengers will be alright.. 

There are many rotors in the craft.. It has maybe 70 rotors ( 4 above eatchother in each tube) and it can already fly and land on 20 rotors, so 50 can stop spinning and it can still land safe.. The chance that 1 stops is the biggest chance, the chance that 2 rotors break down in mid-air is smaller, the chance that 3 breakdown is even smaller and the chance that 4 breakdown is almost never and the chance that 5 breakdown never happened.. When one rotor stops, land immidiate to fix the rotor, keep yourself to this protocol, cuz taking risk is stupid, always play safe when you play a game with your life and many more.. If this protocol is being followed then the safety of flight will improve and maybe once in a thousand years one will crash, but thx to keeping to this protocol the chance of survival is biggest.. It can land on the ocean, cuz its waterproof as well and there are mounted 3 jetengines in the back to be as fast as a airplane..

If the rotors and engines all stop by failure then try to aim the ships rotors at the angle that makes em spin as fast as possible, the engines stopped but the rotors are designed just like the autumntree falling propellor from it, its shaped so good that this seed of the tree starts twirling (spinning) and falls real gently low speed to the earth.. The rotors on the airship so must be evenso be shaped as this seed from the autumn tree so when the ship is falling the rotors all start spinning and make the speed of falling low and it will fall as gently as this propellerseed from that autumntree..

The rotors are small, you think, too small to be able and fly, but it could be small, but if spinned faster it gains more lift, just spin em as fast as possible and you have a perfect machine.. Make the shafts or tubes in which the rotors are spinning and creating 2 forces of lift, up and down, up it sucks itself up in the air and down, the rotor presses itself upwards, but make the tube end in a small hole at one side above and a big hole under where the air is pushed out. A bigger vaccuum is created above the rotor and under the small hole on top. That might incease the lift the vaccuum creates. The tiny hole above makes the sucking of the tube double so much or maybe more..

You think there are too few rotors, then think of adding an extra ring of rotors around the red ring of rotors, that ring will have 40 rotors.. The ring could be added easy, so is taking off a ring or adding a ring possible by some enginering i thought of. Or maybe it can only connect 4 or 6 big rotors aside by some simple screws and bolts to screw. All in this craft is lightweight and even the cabine where all people and pilots are in is superlightweight so the rotors can lift it easy, many may stop spinning due to error but the craft keeps floating still and dont crash..

Maybe it cannot fly far cuz of few fuel aboard, cuz maybe it cannot lift much fuel, but it can land in the ocean where floating gasstations can be located on a track for instance between europe and USA.. This craft is supersafe..

And if you can fix this then i let you have 77% of the profit, ima inventor, i quited working long ago to make more time for using my mind to think and solve problems, all my time went up to inventing and not working.. So i never had much money but i was happy so far and still believed i found one day a good invention and that is this.. There are my ideas in and if my ideas woke you from your chair then i say, i give you 77% if you can take it in productiomn and for me as an inventor i only want 23%, its my lucky number.. This you need to know as well, as an inventor i could have had taken a patent on this invention to be able and keep all 100% profit for me, but that would have taken much time and in that time a plane can crash, if that would have had happened then i would feel guilty cuz of me having this greed for 100% of the profit thinking thats more important then human lives, but thats not how i think, i seen the importance of my invention and i see that i can save lives with it and thats why i published it on my facebookpage and my website to be as fast as i can be to save humanlives.. So i gave away 50%, cuz thats half of the profit that is normal to give to anyone that can help me realizing this aircraft, thats alot of money and think like this if it wasnt for me and my publication on the internet about this invention then someone else would have found it and you werent this lucky, well to thank your honousty to split the profit with me then lets agree that i give you 77% of the profit so i can have 23%.. You can do alot of good with that money, help all sad people around the globe..

Behind the aircraft can be tied an airballoon with rotors to it (like the balloon in the distance), lightweight inflatable plastic that carries fuel and all lugage from passngers so that there cant ever be a bomb explosion in plane.. The aircraft has computers onboard for people to be able and continue working using the computers aboard..




Safe cabin as well


As trying to achieve a safest possible aircraft then we should choose for an entirely safe cabin for the pilots and passengers in it.. Its with a hard kinda softplastic outside, an egg shape kinda ball as in the image above that is inflated with air and in which everything is from soft inflatable plastic, the tables, chairs and all in it also the steeringwheel and the flight instruments are on a laptop or ipad which is the only hard piece of material in the cabin so the rest is from inflatable soft plastic.. When the aircraft crashes which is almost impossible then this egg shaped huge inflated ball with all passengers and pilots in it will bounce and break all the shock of the impact and everyone stays alive and noone broken one bone..