I am Freddy Mexicano from the band Skulls and Bones

If you click blue button below then the browser directs you to 5 youtube videos of me.. I show you couple of my better ones so that you can see that my stuff is really different then normal music.. why?

For my CSS:




Its finally done, I am FREE!!

Finally am i released from the psychiatric hospital where by lack of communication my chance to leave this place of doom in time. Well, im 2 days in freedom now and I already decided to go working cuz thats possibkle again, i am allowed to work again. As i said before i own my ideas for 100% cuz they still in my brain and on this website. The fact that you cant steal my ideas from this website keeps me safe from disaster. Still I donnot take the 100% ownership of all my ideas. I can do that now cuz i dont need to invest 77% anymore cuz my life is saved by luck again, not by anyone else, so i have no need to pay someone 77% of a fortune. But as fair as i made a square deal with you back then and since my lust for money me not evil makes, cuz i have no lust for money at all and since I dont wanna take away your dream, that 77%, I still reward you that so I dont take it away from you, i have no need for 100% of the ideas and inventions while i can decide so, i even can raise my share untill 50% instead of 23%. No still I think its pure evil to take your dream away buster, so your 77% stays..



I have learned over long years howto play a piano.. I play it my way cuz thats easiest for me and i can create nice things with. You may copy my style but i have a sad life, been locked 22 years, if not i had a home and a piano.. Imagine what i would have done. The only pianos i ever played are on trainstation and one in a hospital and one in another hospital.



14 years almost

Under here 5 songs of mine. All 5 need to be fixed into final versions. I do that later and then i give suitable lyrics to my songs, now i just sing random words. The fact that complete songs are nicest to listen to, they have all the specials in em and thats important letting it not go grey that fast.. You know what isnt fair is that there are millionza songs for my bad voice of a quality that can compete with singers with a real good voice, cuz i like to add them specials, just the 7 or 8 tones i can sing, from those 8 notes so much is possible and guaranteed i still didnt find the nicest song there is for my voice, but now i been set free and i wanna quit as a musician, but if i quit now then i quit while been a musician for 13 years and that 13 is so unlucky number just like flying in chair 13 in any airplane while having fear for flight. So i make it 14 years, 14 is a lucky number, therefor.. One more year and i quit, the most gifted musician i ever been on this planet, i never knew oi could learn piano so quick and on my special way, well, then i heard this boogy woogy and all those pianoplayers have electric fingers, that takes so long before you can master sucha skill, there are not much of those people, gifted people as well....




Every song has its place in a list of all songs

Above you see the 4 almost finished songs, one of em turns hardly grey.. Its like the singer wants to tell a story.. Sometimes even it seens that there are 2 speakers in the songs vocals, or 2 choirs filling in the rythm between them..

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