My life is in danger, help..

Hello people, my name is Leon and i am a artist.. I make paintings, i create ideas, useful ideas, even inventions as ideas, i make drawings, i write songs, i play all kinda instruments very well and in a innovative fashion, new sound i mean, so new songs, dig music making there and you find the best of songs.. I wrote a couple of books as well, i am a scientist as well and i have lots of health tips for you on my website, click the health button and the food button.. My ideas are as well under the above buttons, a greenhouse sollution that i think works well, the use of laserlight, howto make ships safer now storms are getting more unpredictable and stronger by the heating of the planet, click the buttons and take my knowledge, i hope i can help you and the world. Would be my lucky day as well, but understand that it is your lucky day too, cuz i made you smarter with my knowledge, you take the idea and go produce the products and get rich.. Before you get rich i hope and i think there is noone in the world that is helped by me like this easy a waterfall of gold and dollars, no not 1 waterfall, i think a hundred Niagara waterfalls, if he found that thanks to me then he or she must thank me therefor and i will ask for 23% of the total profit, cuz how it is the idea is mine, i own 100% of my ideas. If you take em then you steal em, fair enough. I have risked my life for those ideas, the ideas came in my travel through the years, i became an inventor in the year 1993 orso.. I have been locked in psychiatry for 21 years and still am locked there, loosing my life, dying.. I been locked inside the psychiatry many times in isolation, once 2 years in my room, lock on the door, they brought me food and closed the door again, 2 years.. Couple months also a locking in my room and they totally stripped my room is they mean that then everything in the room must be taken out exept the bed. Also months, so 2 years first, 3 years in a TBS unit while i didnt have TBS but they see me here as the futures fuhrer while i hate everything about nazis. Then months in a empty room with only a bed. I was given a time out from 6 months cuz i escaped through the windows every day and they liked to control their patients better, caretaking you see, so they sent me to a very strict unit and there i needed be 6 months of which the first 8 weeks were in an empty room again, locked. I went many times in isolation, i see no way outa psychiatry without my ideas. If you lived through a hell of a life like i did then you can say that i own my own ideas for 100% but wanna give 77% away. Also i never had a girlfriend in my life, never been married, never had sex and finally i found a supersweet girlfriend on the internet then these freaking people make my life harder again, they lock me inside again i am not allowed outside If you succeed into making my knowledge profitable then thank me therefor, i grant you 77% of the profit then its fair to give me 23%..

I am in a situation that i have to publish my good ideas like this, i need to get outa psychiatry faster then time, cuz its killing me.. I cant stop smoking cuz the life is too hard, i rather die then i quit smoking, i made that decision to die from smoking cuz one needs it so hard in times of terror. If i get free i quit instant, cuz then i like life again and if you like life and your happy again, then you have a reason to quit. Freedom is the best feeling of all, im 22 years now in psychiatry and now every day gets harder, im being skirmished by all my problems, this life shall kill me if noone helps me..


Here under you see a youtube video of me playing the piano. I am quite gifted as a pianoplayer.. Im kinda a freewheeler on the piano finding new songs. I never owned a piano and i never owned a house, but first thing im gonna do when the nurses set me free is buy a piano and rent a house somewhere. I can teach my pianostyle to anyone that likes to play piano. The style i completely invented myself, sometimes it sounds like boogy woogy but its not that, its nicer..



Under here 3 songs of mine. All 3 need to be fixed into final versions. I do that later and then i give suitable lyrics to my songs, now i just sing random words. Below the videos you can insert any email adress to put yourself on the mailinglist from Freddy Mexicano, im not sure what that means ofcourse, but i will know that one day someday will that be, on someday..