My life is in danger, help..

Take your time and discover my ideas in this website. I own my ideas for 100%, yet by inconvienience of being locked in a psychiatric hospital is my life in danger, heartattack or cancer. I did come as a volunteer in this hospital, but the nurses locked me for 22 years, repeat, for 22 years. I said i own my ideas for 100%, but wanna share a big part if you can help. You cant just steal my ideas cuz i give those to you for 77% of the total profit of the ideas that i let you and me realize. So i give 77% of a kinda waterfall of money, streaming money i mean, it will not stop the profit will grow and grow, for you 77% so your share of the moneywaterfall is biggest, then the money streams much faster then my 23%. Well if i give you 77%, if i give you a waterfall of money that keeps on multiplying, then why should you steal it from me? Understand this for the ones that are not lucky for my ideas, in the near future robots come the Bible tells me about a forever happy ending.. Ii would have liked to work but i been locked 22 years in a psychiatry. Thanks to that i have expanded my talents and have i done a good job as an inventor and an idea-developper. Work is fun too, you know it will become better and better, try to be an inventor yourself by trying to make automatic the whole process of picking strawberries from the field, then transport em to juice factory that makes juice from the strawberries, all automatic, not one human has picked the strawberries, robots did so invent that robot, then a truck brought em to juicefactory, invent a automatic truck therefor and in the factory everything must go automatic, then all the production of frozen strawberryjuice from strawberries in the field to the end product the frozen strawberryjuice till in the stores goes automatic and alot of inventions must be done there. That way, making all work be done by robots means we can speed up the robots a bit and let em make alot of compurters, fancy cars, big houses and all that while you dont have to work anymore, anything is for free then. I publish my ideas here on this website cuz i think publishing is best because i dont wanna see myself as a kinda criminal with my eyes on money instead of being quick by publishing em and save the lives of people. Also cuz im locked in psychiatry i had no other choice then publishing my ideas. I offer 77% of the profit if you can help me realizing my ideas. 23% goes to me..

I am in a situation that i have to publish my good ideas like this, i need to get outa psychiatry faster then time, cuz its killing me.. I cant stop smoking cuz the life is too hard, i rather die then i quit smoking, i made that decision to die from smoking cuz one needs it so hard in times of terror. If i get free i quit instant, cuz then i like life again and if you like life and your happy again, then you have a reason to quit. Freedom is the best feeling of all, im 22 years now in psychiatry and now every day gets harder, im being skirmished by all my problems, this life shall kill me if noone helps me..




Under here 3 songs of mine. All 3 need to be fixed into final versions. I do that later and then i give suitable lyrics to my songs, now i just sing random words. Below the videos you can insert any email adress to put yourself on the mailinglist from Freddy Mexicano, im not sure what that means ofcourse, but i will know that one day someday will that be, on someday..