Hello, my name is Leon and i made this website. In this website are many of my creations. I create music, books, paintings and alot of good ideas but also inventions. If you like to use my ideas, then email me, info@duckjaws.com ,i make you rich then, your lucky, but we share the profit each 50% of the idea. Maybe 77% of the profit i can give, thats even more, but im not in for the money, i just am trying to get myself outa psychiatry, the hell on earth. Thanks to me you can use my ideas, you would never had come up with yourself, cuz i am an inventor and i did think alot since i became an inventor. If you would have found yourself, thats a chance of 1 in 7 billion people that are on this planet. So then be happy that you find these ideas on my website, this is also a 1 in 7 billion chance, the chance to be the first on my website. The only thing we got to do is find a way to cover the costs of the production, once those costs been done, the product can be sold and soon the costs of the investment will be overcome by the profits of the product. Then the profit will only grow. My inventions add extra safety to society and thats why i need to publish em before getting the patents, cuz of the safety of peoples lives, as i said my inventions can save humanlives so therefor i publish em before taking patents. Its far more worth knowing i did save humans and animals with it, next to getting payed from. Im an inventor since 1993 and there i stopped working. I have a hard hearing and not one alarmclock could wake me around 6:00 oclock for work, sad but true.. Perhaps i was too tired, but i started to see the benefits of choosing the profession of a inventor, my ideas reached far back then. I learned alot from myself, observing and thinking, staring from my room in the attick into a densed thick forest of trees and ideas. I opened my eyes from the ideas that i found in that forest, how could this be. Noone did see these ideas before knowing i was lucky number 1. Year after year i increased my knowledge of science by reading and observing the many ideas in that thick densed forest, but then around the year 2002 i started to find ideas that noone found before. Years later i found more of em, the idea that i found in 2002 was the idea for the supereconomy, im a professor creating new ideas and theories and i only need help of a small investment to make profit from my ideas and inventions, 77% for you and 23% for me.




I make music as well, i posted alot of my songs on youtube. I am Freddy Mexicano on youtube the artist singer and i play all instruments in my songs. I can drum, play guitar, play piano and all kinda instruments. Below a youtube playlist with music that i made, 10 of em, my best ones, click on the right top corner on a symbol of 3 small white stripes above eatchother and that will open the list of the 10 songs that i created.. Somewhere else on my website are more songs of mine, on the musicpages.. I play piano too, there are 4 videos of me to see here on my website wherein i play piano.. And under the youtube playlist are some 3D paintings that i painted. Email me when you wanna ask me a question, on my email adress: info@duckjaws.com and i will respond.. Under this text you see 2 buttons, one goes to my songs and the other goes to my pianoplay.. Enjoy the music..










Im a painter, designer as well, i can paint and design anything, to grafity, t-shirts and also paintings on canvas, portraits from pictures or realtime. You can buy my paintings, you can ask me what to paint and i will paint, email me therefor: info@duckjaws.com

Below some 3D paintings that i painted, a few have an 3D illusion in em. Paintings are for sale, so email me when you wanna buy a painting. Under the paintings you see the cover of my book and if you like to order my book then click the red buy button below the bookcover in a white box and the frontpage picture of my book along a short summary of my book next to it, under that text you see the buy-button. But beware, the book is only in Dutch still.. if you wanna ask me a question, here is my email adress: info@duckjaws.com and i will respond..


Club of 10 evil doctors set their plans to conquer the world and they want to take over the world by tickling the president so he hands over the world, also they are wishing to exterminate Leon, they wanna take revenge cuz Leon sawn their feet and gave them plastic feet and all they dream of is revenge. The doctors knew this could happen, cuz by accident they shortened Leons leg while his knee was in surgery. The 10 evil doctors knew what could happen if Leon will find out, they decided to keep it secret, hoping Leon wouldnt notice his shorter leg. But they were wrong, months later Leon noticed that he stood and walked partly diagonal, what the hell was this? And he knew, this was work of the doctors that did surgery on his knee..

Also its time for doctor Teender. It was waiting worth, cuz his dream to ever get back the other doctors is now. They have made doctor Teender a joke cuz he had always smelly farts in the office, also during surgery, during work, at weddings and even at funerals he farted as if he was at home, then he smiled always and said, i cant help i have smelly farts.. Therefor they made him eat shit when he was drunk so many times they fooled him and they were laughing behind his back. How much shit did he eat last night? He ate 4 whole belony sandwitches with doctor Ribbels liquid shit again and they laughed so hard, but they didnt know Teender wasnt sleeping, he heard em all, but his eyes remained closed, he continued acting as if he passed out from the whiskey. Now Teender knew why that bread always tasted so shitty, he felt the ground disappear under his chair, he traveled with the speed of light through the galaxy, this will never end, Teender felt so betrayed by his 9 evil friends that he dreamed of 1 thing.. Teender knew he will get them back and give them their greatest fear, but what?

But now the 10 evil doctors had a planecrash on a island with canibals in it.. The doctors got caught, but Teender became a God, he became Chief of the tribe of cannibals because he always wears a cap with flashing lights cuz he is just nuts after all, and cuz of his sudden power he ordered the tribe members to cut off the genitals of all the other doctors, he cooked and roasted their genitals and ate em all.. You just read it and you think its a joke right? No, someone like Teender noone can trust, somehow its all the 9 doctors their fault. They have created a monster called Teender, he stopped laughing when he heard they made him eat shit and piss, he never laughed again, untill now, Teender finally took revenge on his 9 other fellow doctors and ate their penisses. Wanna order the book click on the order button below, or send me an email to: info@duckjaws.com and i will respond.


Rudolf Poeders
Het geniale brein
Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit. Maar zijn been wordt per ongeluk met 5 centimeter ingekort tijdens een operatie. De doktoren besluiten te zwijgen. Maar Leon komt erachter en Leon zint op wraak, hij loopt scheef en hij staat scheef..
€24,95 Paperback


Im an inventor as well, i have good ideas that can bring more safety to the world and more convenience to society. I am searching for people that can realize my ideas or inventions with me. We shall equaly split the profit. I published my good ideas and inventions on my website, cuz, knowing many of my inventions can save human lives i was thinking to better make em public so i will never feel guilty about it.. Also knowing God exists, He would think of me as a lowlife, cuz all i was thinking was my profits and my patents, instead of caring for human lives. If i had waited for the patents, then i would have had 100% of the profit, but then i would have been egoistic and not caring for human lives which is more important then my interests in the profit. Thats why i chosen best and that was to make my inventions and good ideas public so they can be realized way faster then when i had tried for the patents. If you can help me realize my inventions by investment then contact me on info@duckjaws.com

Now i have done what i had to, i dont feel guilty, i dont am ashamed, cuz i made my inventions public and didnt wait months maybe years for the patents. People would have pointed their finger upon me saying he wanna be rich while he dont care for others cuz he letted people die in trade for the 100% profit from the life-saving inventions, but i did make my inventions public, so i chosen to save lives over getting 100% profit,

But are you interested into helping these inventions be produced, then i can share 50% of the profit with you.. The faster you react, the earlier it gets helping people and society so that no unlucky people find an end to their lives cuz of the invention of mine still isnt produced. 50% we split the profit..

Below, the left invention is one of my inventions. The new thing is to build a kinda helicopter with as many as possible rotors. If that is done then some rotors may fail in midair and breakdown while it still can fly. I took a design of 7 evensobig circles, thats more efficient then any other design. If 7 rotors feel not safe enough then 2 or 3 or 4 of such 7 circles platform can be mounted above eatchother so it flies with 14,21 or 28 rotors, then its even safer cuz it can loose even more rotors by breakdown and still be flying. The rotors all must have a engine so if one engine fails then 6 are still running for the rest of the rotors. if you wanna ask me a question, here is my email adress: info@duckjaws.com and i will respond.. The right invention can have row after row every new circle a new row of rotors, blue is the first row, pink the second, black the third and then can be added more and more rows to make the airship fly safer. The more rows the better it flies, more power, longer in air but depends on the batery.. It can have floating bateries tied to hydrogen airballoons tied to the airship.. It might have 100 rotors of which 33 can stop by defect and it still is flying, the more circles or rows of propellors, the easier it flies. Then there must be 3 or 4 very strong electric bateries, 3 reserve or bataries that can be used when the first is low on electricity. . Maybe big batery can hold very much electricity..