My pianoplay.. I recorded alot of my pianoplays, and below you hear a few of those plays. It may contain different songs per video, i play on inspiration and improvisation, i know to hit the right tones in order to get a kinda songs melody.. Some videos are almost that particular whole song and some videos are a few songs that i still must complete.. I play my own developped style, it sounds like boogy woogy, but its better. I play piano now around 10 years.. I still dont play the whole songs that i play there, parts just but im trying to learn em by memory and i fill in the missing parts time after time. Im trying to get away out the psychiatry. I dont know howto achieve that, but the buttons on a piano are called keys, i hope the key to my freedom is withoin those.. 2 new things i developped in pianoplaying. Kinda sparkling keys, then keys sound as if they sparkle, in a few of below videos you hear that. Also my boogy woogy style isnt real boogy woogy, but it sounds like, its better.

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