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You must never risk your life.. Get away from danger. Risking your life is the stupidest thing there is. Crabfishers i seen on TV, they sail in the Beringsea, a rough cold sea. I seen that rough sea and i saw its danger, in high waves a ship can roll over and if that happens then i think noone cant be saved. Thats why i have found a suitable sollution for them is to prevent rolling over in a storm.. but only untill now i have found an idea that will keep those crabfisherships away from rolling over in a rough stormy sea, one wrong wave and ship goes down, they must understand that if the ship is shaken just right then it rolls over and it hardly rolls back cuz of the gigantic weight of a ship. So i found a way to remain floating straight in a storm, is to attach 2 kinda kayaks at each side of the ship.. See picture below, the yellow cayaks filled with air. Even if a hole comes in the hull of the ship then the ship remains floating on the 2 kayaks.

Then another extra idea is there to keep the ship even more safe for disasters. If you click the next button then you can read it


Rudolf Poeders
Het geniale brein
Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit. Maar zijn been wordt per ongeluk met 5 centimeter ingekort tijdens een operatie. De doktoren besluiten te zwijgen. Maar Leon komt erachter en Leon zint op wraak, hij loopt scheef en hij staat scheef..
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