Rudolf Poeders
Het geniale brein
Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit. Maar zijn been wordt per ongeluk met 5 centimeter ingekort tijdens een operatie. De doktoren besluiten te zwijgen. Maar Leon komt erachter en Leon zint op wraak, hij loopt scheef en hij staat scheef..
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I am Leon Feeters and i work as a designer for anything. I fix websites, songs, paintings and alot more with great style. I can give my songs to others that can sing well and we shall share the profit, 50% each.. I can make good songs, im getting better.. Painting as well, im getting better.. I am specialized in 3D illusion paintings, i can paint anything in 3D and if you want one then email me.. Ask me what to paint and i paint it for you.. You wanna website like this one, then email me, i can fix it. and i will respond..

Let me tell you a story about colors. The 6 colors, red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange are a circle make em the equator or a ball. Then put white and black on both poles of that equator. Then let the colors from the equator go towards the white, the colors get whiter and whiter untill the white pole has been reached and there the color is white. Do the same to the black pole, make the colors from the equator go to the black pole and make em darker and darker untill the black pole is reached. Now you have made a ball with all spectrum of different colors, all colors with shades of white but also all the colors with shades of black. Brown and grey are inside the ball, its the sand and the rock of a planet, and crazy enough, one side is light, (white), and the other half is black (shade) like its a real planet earth being shined on by the sun, how do the colors know, light and shade exist, comming from a sun? and i will respond..