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There will become scores of 14-8 and all that with this supershoe.. The goalkeeper will get far sharper aimers to block in his goal, they aim better and kick harder with these new kinda football shoes.


I think i found the right shoes is the shoe that is perfect. Howto kick a ball is best to do and sharpest if you kick it with the front of the shoe, with the toes, a pointer is it called in my country.   If the ball hits the toes, big toe then it accelerates, but it shouldnt be a hard kick but just hard enough, too hard and your toe can hurt, just a gentle soft kick is already hard enough to give the ball great speed and accuracy. The idea is this, when you hit a ball with a big flat hammer then the force of the blast is spread over the square of the hammer, but making the square smaller means the blast is given by a smaller spot so all the force is bundled in that small hammer tabulate, while the bigger hammer that is evenso heavy but has a bigger tabulate a bigger square then all the force is spread over a bigger square making the blast less. So if you have a strong toe then try to kick it with that, its a very small tabulate compared with the inside of the foot, its the smallest spot there is on the foot, then have the exact feeling, not with big force, just a tap with the toe, so it not hurts and you see the ball gain speed as if its launched by a rocket.

What is a good idea then to protect the toes from breaking is to make the front of the shoe completely flat.. Flat like a wall, so with the flat square on the tip of the shoe, thats what hits the ball then when you kick it as a pointer. This is the reason why these shoes will make a winning team from even the worst players in the competition. Cuz all are wearing these shoes with flat noses and all can aim perfect cuz of the logics that is that the ball goes in a straight line to the target that you wanna aim at. If the point of the shoe is round like all normal usual shoes have, then the ball can go any way when kicked the ball, but flat then the ball goes always straight and aiming goes far easier, the team will bcome the best if they the only ones in thwe competition with the flatnose new type of footballshoes.         

The first thing you need to improve as a player is to shoot different and with the new kinda superfootballshoes it will become very easy. Shooting will be sharper and balls go faster, you hear it hiss as if there comes wind from if you kick the ball my style.  below you see the painting of a red shoe with a flat green square kinda nose, all the point of the shoe is flat and thats the green square. That kinda shoe can kick far easier, aiming sharper, a pointer kick is far more easier and more accurate then the traditional way of shooting which any footballplayer these days kick like. Every avarage footballplayer can practise pointerkicks real easy, its so simp-le and accurate kick that long practise isnt needed, i think after practising few hours they all kick far sharper with the pointer kick then with the traditional way of kicking or shooting..






Rudolf Poeders
Het geniale brein
Leon gaat altijd fluitend de deur uit. Maar zijn been wordt per ongeluk met 5 centimeter ingekort tijdens een operatie. De doktoren besluiten te zwijgen. Maar Leon komt erachter en Leon zint op wraak, hij loopt scheef en hij staat scheef..
€24,95 Paperback

Hello, do you wanna realize these new kinda footballshoes, then email me.. Contact me on the contact button at the right side or the cluster of buttons on the main buttonspage of my website.. Also you can click the email button below and tell me your offer.. You must invest or anyhow fix a couple of prototypes, then i must check the shoes and play football with em to see if im right. Then we can start production of the very best of footballshoes..






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