Hello people.. A airplane that is hard to crash is one with 12 wings, like in the picture the airplane i gave 6 wings, but above those 6 comes another wing so in total are 12 wings on the airplane. Give all wings a propeller engine cuz those dont explode that quick. Then if in midair a engine explodes then 1 or 2 wings can break but still it has 1 or 2 wings that remained undamaged so the plane shall not crash. Also the propellors can be taken off the wings cuz thats more dangerous, the engines must not be on the wings but in the rear end, like jetfighterplanes have an F14 and F15 name it, those have rear end engines.. Also frontengines can be mounted but dont hang em on the wings, give wings always no heavy things to carry, a wing should be left alone and not carrying anything like for instance an engine. Build the engines in a long hull that is in the rear and there add 2 or more propellers or jetengines maybe.. Try to copy the insect dragonfly, use 12 wings in front, till the rear the wings get smaller and also must be few sharkfins (you know what i mean, a fin or kinda wing that stands up) cuz a sharks fin keeps the plane more steady and also use alot of stabilizers in the rear that can relocate and search for a balance that must be found back after 2 or more wings are broken off. Then the plane has for instance 1 or more wings on the left side, but on the right side still 6 then it is i think possible that the plane keeps flying straight, only the stabilizerwings in the rear must keep the plane straight and therefor those wings cannot be tiny mut must be bigger. Also produce only small airplanes like that, for 30 or 40 people, those are evenso fast but cuz smaller, far more safer. Also dont touch the wings, never do that, they carry the hull only in air and on ground they hang, that friction of carrying the hull and resting when on ground, that friction is the aging of the plane, make sure that the plane is taken out traffic fast enough, lets say after 1000 flights its turned into scrap again and being replaced by a fresh plane that can surely fly 1000 times.. Thats safer flight.. A plane with 6 or 12 wings is safer, if fuel stops in midair then it can float more easily downwards, not that fast anymore. It is better maneuverable as well..

Well people, this kinda plane with 12 wings can carry a bigger load of water as well and can put out forestfires more easily. Forestfires will increase more and more cuz the planet warms up. Also can it carry more bombs, but therefor this plane isnt made, i dot wanna use it for that, i dont agree into war with anyone. Cuz i see all happy people in the world and some made mistakes, but all been born good and sadly have been hurt by life or other evil people and they then can become evil as well.. Everyone deserves a second chance, all were good kids, give them a second chance cuz they couldnt help it, life was to cruel for them or they met evil people that have turned them evil as well..

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