Evil Bob still lucky not to be locked for life.. He and his ex-cellmate Burney Hazzard are living in a very expensive villa cuz they are 2 of the finest swindlers and thieves, they kidnapped the owner of the villa and left him alive in the hidden vault under the basement. He was in the news, everyone is looking for this owner name Sir James John von Lelystetters de Santiago.. Noone hears him scream from the armoured vault. He gets food 3 times per day, but now.. Evil Bob gets annoyed by someone staring at his house. He felt this, so.. Some humor is real funny in a audio-play. Click youtube video below to hear humor in a audio-play.. The full story of Evil Bob and Burney Hazzard is in the youtube video below.. I wont make it longer then 17 minutes cuz that co become in a movie from Evil Bob and Burney Hazzard, the 2 kings of evil.. Also have they control over the higher ranks in the policestation, cuz evil Bob had pictures of the chief of police in womensclothes.. Like Eddy Hupsela these 2 are strange freaks dancing before a mirror in womensclothes, sometimes even together and rememeber, Eddy Hupsela is a notorious gangster, he has the chief in his pocket cuz he threathens to inform his wife and family about his sexual adventures..




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