Cancer can be eaten

I think many diseases come through the mouth, what you eat and drink is what you are.. If you eat cancer from a cow, then i think the cancer can start inside your body, it searches for weak spots inside your body and as meat is the most best soil or feedingground for cancer, so better be smart and dont eat meat, it might have cancer inside.. Another fact about cancer is that it can spread itself through the body.. Suddenly for example the liver had the first signs of cancer, but suddenly it grew from the liver to for example the brain. So cancer travels inside a body that contains cancer inside..

Cancer could be a meatplant

What if cancer is a plant or a kinda meattree inside your body.. Cancer works with seeds, so it can be seen as a plant, cuz from the liver it suddenly went to the brain, means cancer has put seeds in the blood to spread itself and can start growing on other weak spots inside the body. The body is getting weaker along the days pass by, the body creates more weak spots so cancer has more breedingspots inside the body and as soon these cancerseeds reach the weak spot then there it continues growing. How can i be so sure that cancer comes from meat that we eat and attacks and starts growing in weak spots of the body.. For example, older people have bigger risk for cancer, that must be by the reason that old people have more weak spots inside their body.. As well, if you smoke long then lungs getting weaker, weak spots are created and the only thing it needs is a cancerseed that can come out the meat you eaten.. So if you dont eat meat then you cant eat cancerseeds, thats i think howto prevent cancer..

Cancer grew fast from the year 1900

Cancer rates increased in the beginning of 1900 and suddenly cancer numbers trippled, more and more people got cancer and i think thats cuz meat those days got in mass production, farms became meat-factories and meat could be transported now by trucks that evolved in the 1900 years.. The cars started to be built, so meat could be transported in big numbers.. Other people can say smoking was the cause of cancer in those days and that could be true, but maybe you can find the answers on internet in statistics of how many people developped lung-cancer by smoking.. But the final ingredient in your body that can be the cause of cancer are meat that contains cancercells and cancerseeds.. Noone dares to eat cancer, thats crazy, understood now howto think and leave meat behind, cuz also other diseases come through the meat cuz meat continues rotting inside you, cuz when meat cools off then the evil bacteria inside starts living again.. See, if you cook the meat then many say, all bacteria died inside the meat, but when you cool it down and suddenly the bacteria inside start growing again they come back alive..


Meat has deseases and weaknesses in. If the cow you eat had cancer then you can eat the cancer as well.. The cow lives a horrible life in a small cage in a barn from 3 by 2 orso, the smaller the better ofcourse think these farmers, all them lives they cannot walk or run, they are unhealthy therefor as the hell and they get to eat fatmakers in their food plus the farmer shall inject these poor cows with growing accelerators.. All that makes the cows not that healthy, they get easily sick cuz of never could have run or walked alot therefor they easily get diseases and is their meat even worse then the meat from a deer orso that lived in the wild.. Many sickmakers so in the meat of a cow from a farmer, they can carry thanks to their weakness many harmfull bacteria for people to eat, meat loving bacteria, the dark-side of the bacteria, bacteria that like to feed emselves with what the cow has, meat and blood is not the stuff you should eat, cuz these same meatloving dark-side bacteria cant never have a healing influence. Bacteria is cooked out the meat you say, above 100 degrees celcius all bacteria died, that is maybe true, but when the meat goes out the pan, and leave it on the table for 2 weeks then the meateating bacteria start the rotting processes of the meat again, they arent cooked death, no suddenly they are alive again and start to eat the meat again and cause the rottingproces. Within one day the meat will start to rot again and that must MEAN that the dark-side bacteria have somehow recovered from the heat that killed em, i dunno how but suddenly there must be happening that the bacteria somehow awake again.. Dont eat those bacteria, the meat you eat starts rotting again in your stomach cuz when meat cools off then the evil bacteria wake inside the meat again.

Meat is the breedingspot for cancer

The meat you eat from cow is the basis for cancer to develop itself in.. Ofcourse is meat anykinda meat the breedingspot for cancer, maybe in the long run, when eaten the meat that contains the cancer, maybe when eaten, the cancer attacks the human, maybe just parts of meat or blood of the animal that are cancer(causers) like the seeds of cancer that spread emselves through the bloodveins, cancer always sends parts of it through the blood in the veins to other places in the body, cuz it can sow itsself with kinda seeds of cancer (cancerseeds) through the blood and the veins, and those cancerseeds CAN be in the blood of the animal and if you eat those then the cancerseeds come in your blood, its hard to prove that this is not true, it might be possible you see.. Meat is the breadingspot for cancer, dont eat it..

Or not seeds, then what?

If the cancer dont spread with seeds, then still somethings were sent through the blood towards a new destination for the cancer to start growing. It must work with kinda seeds, but what if it are not seeds, then what? I think then parts of the cancer go with the flow of the blood and start to grow elsewhere in the body. If that is true then meat really is dangerous and can cause cancer..

If you eat an animal then you eat what he ate all his life and thats grass.. The meat doesnt belong in our body that is using water to make it function, but eating then meat and grease that is the opposite of water, water and grease dont solve in eatchother, what can water do against all stuffed up grease and meat in our body

The first animals were planteaters

The first animals in the far history were only planteaters, cuz if there were meateaters only in the beginning then they should have killed other meateaters to eat em and in the end only one survives. So the first animals on earth were planteaters, and one of these planteaters became an meateater, that one was crazy cuz he or she was a planteater that kicked the habbit.. All animals including humans need moist from the food, cuz our body is kinda spounche flesh as the rest of the skin of humans is a spounch that goes water through, we sweat water out and we must drink water within 2 days else we die without water.. So water is most important cuz without water we die in 2 days.. So what is the best food for humans and all animals is waterbased food like raw vegetables (those have taste in em as well) and raw fruit, the fruit and vegetables are moisty and that moist goes deeper inside a human then the solid parts. It goes deep in the organs healing em again, keeping em young.. Also when you eat plants then you also eat the oxygen out the plants, cuz plants proces oxygen. Its important to know that cancer dies from oxygen and will not start growing when there is enough oxygen in the body, in the cells, in the organs etc..

Grease and gravy

But meateating we should not do, cuz the grease of the meat shouldnt be soaked into our body cuz grease is the opposite of water, both dont solve in eatchother, so our waterbased body has a hard time dealing with the poisonous grease inside our body and cant wash outa da organs and all body cuz its the opposite in polarity then water, both dont solve in eatchother, both are eatchothers enemies. What gets soaked in our body when we eat meat is the blood and all greasy liquid from the meat. Also gravy from meat is poison, the name gravy says enough. Remember the taste of meat without spicies is nothing, but the taste of meat is even worse cuz drink a glass of blood and you will see that fruit has a taste that is devine and meat and its blood has a taste of evil.. Our waterbased body dont need grease which is the opposite of water. Our body uses water and moist to make it function, grease you shouldnt eat, eat waterbased food like fruit and vegetables.

A cow is second hand grass

Dont eat animals, its poison.. What you exactly eat if you eat the animal is what the animal ATE ALL HIS LIFE and thats grass !!!! and the animal is built of the grass he ate all his life, so what you eat if you eat the animal is grass that has already done its function, meat is kinda second hand grass. You eat grass that that is transformed into meat if you eat meat. You better eat the grass or vegetables instead cuz those have all in em to build meat also our meat. In the beginning when life evolved there were only plants, then came the animals and all those animals ate plants, so the use of the plants are that those are considered a foodsource, the only food-source that is cuz the first predator was a planteater that stopped planteating and started to eat meat..


Our body is 70% water they say.. That water is used to make blood and cleaningprocesses and other processes in body, but meat and grease are the opposite of water, they dont solve in eatchother. I think if your body depends on water then eat only that that is solvable in water, the grease will get stuck in our body, bringing polution and congestion, the grease and meat has nothing to do if our body is waterbased, cuz it cannot function or assist waterbased processes cuz of being the opposite enemy of water, both cant cooperate cuz they dont mix or solve in eatchother..

Fruit is designed as food

The best food of all are the fruits, cuz those are designed for food cuz a strange thing is about fruit is that it has a very nice taste to it, this is just as if the creator has created fruit as foodsource. Indeed so i think eating fruit all day will make you grow old.. Eating waterrelated products as juicy fruits are the best choice, not only goes moist to the deepest in the human body, also the moist can be used to clean and process anykinda sickmaking or polution inside the human body.. Vegetables have a special vallue to build meat thats why most animals have to eat vegetables or grass. What you eat exactly when you eat meat is vegetables that done its function, its function to grow meat and be the only foodsource there is for humans and animals.. We humans evolved outa apes and apes are not meateaters as well, they eat vegetables and fruit so best for us is what they eat.

Evil bacteria in meat

And just when meat died bacteria inside start doubling their population in the meat they cause the rottingprocess.. Its very strange that bacteria inside the meat start living when the meat just died, these bacteria cause the rottingprocess and are not healthy to eat cuz when meat is too rotten and you eat it then you can get sick and die. So these bacteria of death are poison and they start living when the meat just died, when you cook the meat you think you can kill these bacteria but when the meat cools off the bacteria start living again and the meat starts rotting again. Also when you eat the meat it starts rotting inside your body and those evil poisonous bacteria start doubling themselves in your body. Dont eat these bacteria of death, those are poison cuz they like to eat meat and cause it to rot, also our meat, so dont eat meat but eat vegetables that have all in em to build our meat perfect.

Spinach or meat

Its proven already that eating meat causes cancer. We need meat for musclegrow many people claim, but cows have stronger muscles then humans and they grow from grass.. But humans cant digest grass, then we can test spinach on cows.. Feed that to em and i bet they get evenso strong muscles, stronger then humans, so spinach is better food then meat.

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