Hello people.. Under here a few songs of mine, good ones.. These songs below still dont are fully edited yet and i must still make lyrics for all, all i use in my songs are random words, but soon someday i go work on the lyrics.. Enjoy the music..






Hello people, i been making quite a few songs with the intention to get me outa psychiatry by an escape. I could establish 2 things when i started making music and those 2 things were: i could reach publicity for my situation in psychiatry where i am in for a reason thats not true, cuz i have a clear mind and a smart enough mind, so whats wrong with it and this publicity would have helped me cuz my reasoning convinces me that im not having mindproblems, these reasons i could make clear to a public that i gathered through publicity that i reached, but this reasoning didnt ever ring any bell with my psychiatrist, the public would have helped me outa here cuz then, in the open a psychiatrist must talk to me fairly and i will checkmate him with my reasoning with strong arguments that can set me free. And a second thing was that i could start earning money so i can escape from psychiatry and stay away, but my music therefor needed to reach a high level. I learned in many years alot about music and im using these theories i gathered about music in my songs to make my songs better and every day i became a little better by learning more and more.. Now my music quality is from a huge level but i can understand that still many many songs maybe millions still havent been found, if i continue making music i will even improve this level now but i think i leave that for others to try, if you really wanna make music then learn every day a little more or if you can wait then wait for the day that we are in heaven, i believe that God exists and He surely makes the best music of all..















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